Sunday, 15 April 2012

Life is a Journey… Keep Walking!

“Zindagi ek safar hain Suhana… Yaha kal kya ho, kisne Jaana!”

We've all enjoyed this evergreen song and sung along most of the times. But never have we wondered that the lyrics of this song are actually ingrained in reality.

It’s true this metaphor! Life, like a journey, can be either long or short. But irrespective of that, there are lots of places to see, lots of cultures to learn about and lots and lots of roadblocks to circumvent.

It’s so unconscious, but it’s a fact that we meet new people everyday and our conversations with them help us explore places we've never even dreamt of. They virtually take us there and leave us yearning to be there… for Real!

The same is true for traveling! Most of the cherished memories we have of a place is from the casual discoveries (like casual conversations) we make during the course of our travels. You can clearly recollect the cabdriver’s story of the origin of his tribe and you can actually point out that natural Mountainous herb that cured your churning stomach.

You probably will also ask your friends to visit a marvelous destination which you spotted by chance apart from the much-hyped locations that are promoted in Travel Guides.
It is such discoveries that make any journey, even the journey of life, so special and dear to oneself.

On the contrary, life is also difficult, full of challenges!

Journeys are no less challenging. Be it the inability to converse in a foreign language, or facing fatigue before you’re halfway through a trekking expedition or in the worst case, losing sense of direction in a barren landscape. Challenges of traveling can be just about anything! Once you’ve overcome one challenge, there’s another one already waiting to greet you down the road.

Yet, the idea is to keep moving forward.

Life never halts! Neither should travel. In either case, there isn't any option of calling it Quits.
So buckle up and Keep Walking…

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