Friday, 6 April 2012

TripEngineers are here to Connect!

Hello and Welcome to our new and exciting Blog. Should we call it a Travel-o-Blog or the Trip Engineers’ Official Blog (to eliminate the confusion)?

Anyway, We’re here for you! And we bet our blog will be as exciting as the tours we offer! ;)

So you must be wondering ‘What’s New'?
Well, very simply put, we’re new and what we are offering is new. The experience, the fun, the itineraries, everything is new; or let’s say: tailored to suit your needs…

We provide tours which range from day long adventure trips to weekend leisure packages to holiday travel itineraries.

We believe that students possess the same passion to explore and experiment like America’s discoverer Christopher Columbus did. Hence, we’ve designed special North-East destination tours for collegians.
These tours enable students and others of course to venture into the unconventional and unexplored terrains and territories of the North-East like Nameri and Mawlynnong, also known as God’s own Garden!

Secondly, we recognize the power of the internet and its netizens. Hence, our operations are completely online. This means you save your time and effort making rounds to any agency or operator.

We allow you to sit in the comfort of your house or even lie on the bed with your laptop and you choose your perfect holiday destination through
Next Question: Why are we here?
To connect with you, with all our lovely travelers, who share the same passion for traveling and exploring as we do.

Our blog is a platform where our readers can learn about the various possibilities of traveling in North-East India and send in their feedback and tell us how we can be of better service to you.

We’re listening! So be rest assured that you’re not wasting your time typing out your voice.

Also, this is a place where you will learn about exciting travel destinations, places you want to go to and places you must go to. We will bring to you the best-of-the best must-visit places, must-try foods, must-experience adventures and much more!!

Sounds exciting? It’ll only get better.
Visit us… Join Us… Love us (you won’t be able to resist us ;))

And remember, TripEngineers is all about:
happy trip = (miles x smiles) + discounts


  1. hey it's great you'll started a blog.. I'm excited to read your posts.


  2. hi Naren, we hope you're following our blog and liking our posts.. do let us know what you would like reading on the blog and we'll post it for you.
    have a great day :)