Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Scuba Dive the Summer away!

The summer is knocking at your doorstep and before you know you’re sweating profusely. The fans and ACs are put to some rigorous work, yet there’s something missing!
Coconut and straw? Paper fan? No…

What you’re missing is probably a nice dip in fresh and cool water.

Remember those childhood days, when you and your friends would jump into the river water without a care in the world?

Well this time, we’re bringing back the same fun and frolic into your lives with a breath-taking Scuba diving experience at Dawki, Meghalaya. Dawki River
’s greenish blue, crystal-clear water is absolutely enchanting, and would definitely entice you into coming back again and again!

Remember the scuba diving sequence in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
? It’s amazing isn’t it? If you think it’s the camera that makes the experience look so beautiful, you’re wrong. Take our word; it’s as pretty as it looks on screen, even better we’d say!

Wondering why Scuba Diving? Here’s why…

The Underwater life is a completely different world, with different habitants and different rules.
The creatures, the plants, everything will be a novel experience, something like never before.

What will take you by surprise at first will be the wide ranging mix of colour all around you. Something like a colour palette that has come alive! Each marine animal and plant exhibits a different pattern, a different colour, varied textures and various sizes.

To seek entry into this world, you need to learn to behave like the fishes; swim and glide like them, and along with them. It isn’t very difficult. Just let yourself loose and there you are: one amongst the numerous fishes.

The best part about Scuba Diving is that you get to come so close to the fishes and the turtles(if you are lucky), you can actually touch them!
The joy of being underwater, of discovering the flora and fauna of the marine world, is completely unique, something you would have never experienced before.

While you’re underwater, you’re completely disconnected from the sounds and sights of the world above. If you turn to look, you’ll probably just see sunlight penetrating through the water, that’s all! It’s just you and your fellow fishes all the way…

Be it the awe or love for the underwater world or the hope of discovering a lost treasure or simply the endeavour to make some new marine friends, whatever your reason is, come join us for this experience of a lifetime.

So, what are you waiting for ? :)
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Happy Holidays! :)


  1. I think scuba diving is an amazing adventure sport... the thought of it is exciting enough and it gets more thrilling when you're actually a part of it!

  2. yes, scuba diving is indeed a very interesting and engaging adventure sport. It's an experience of a lifetime...